For part two of our Houston Nonprofit Highlight series, we are sharing a powerful foundation that seeks to end human trafficking: Elijah Rising.

elijah rising houston

Elijah Rising was founded in 2012 when a group of people met together to pray and focus on the issue of human trafficking in Houston. The next step for the group was to begin educating others in Houston via guided van tours. After van tours, Elijah Rising launched the Museum of Modern-Day Slavery to expose the realities of sex trafficking and exploitation. For more details, check it out here!

Mission: Elijah Rising’s mission is to end sex trafficking through prayer, awareness, intervention, and restoration. Due to its location, Houston is a strategic hub of the sex trafficking industry. In fact, UT researchers now state over 300,000 Texans are human-trafficking victims. This is a huge mission field for a non-profit!

Impact: Through our foundations engagement with Elijah Rising our volunteers experienced all aspects of Elijah Rising’s mission. We had volunteers longing to pray for the injustice happening. We had volunteers raising awareness and making care bags for an upcoming intervention. We had volunteers supporting the newly established Kendleton Farms to aid in the restoration of women coming out of sex trafficking. If human trafficking is something you are passionate to see ended join up with this organization!

elijah rising houston