6 Questions Companies Must Answer About Their Company’s Culture

questions to ask as a company

1. Are our employees engaged?
Average engagement at a company is 33%.
Engaged companies are 16% more profitable on average.
2. What is our strategy to recruit and motivate Millennials and Generation Z?
Millennials are now the largest consuming generation.
Millennials are now the largest generation in the workplace.
3. What is our strategy to develop new skills and deepen current skills for our employees?
According to INC, the number one thing an employee wants from an employer is a development plan to help their careers.
4. How can we create environments and moments for our employees to connect?
Smart companies will be the ones who make it in the digital age.
Knowledge is passed through relationships, relationships start with trust, trust is built upon connection.
5. Can we help our people and our bottom line through focusing on physical and mental health?
Would your health insurance premiums go down if your company offered a gym on site? How about offering a counseling session to your people once a quarter?
6. What is the why of our company? Does our consumer know our story?
What is your company doing for the world? Today’s consumer is increasingly asking this question of you.
Simon Sinek offers great advice, “People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.”
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