Four Key Roles Of A Leader

qualities of a leader
Recently, I listened to a talk that Jack Welch gave; I thought he gave amazing insight into leadership qualities. Below are a few he mentioned!

1. Be the chief meaning officer

– Where you are going, why you are going there, and what’s in in for them!

2. Be the chief declutterer

– Like the Olympic sport curling, be the broomer removing the clutter to get your team where they need to go.
– When you remove clutter you let your people use their gifts to accomplish extraordinary things!

3. Exercise the generosity gene

– You have to love to see people promoted, receive raises, bonuses, praise!
– You can’t be jealous
– You must be excited for and about THEM!

4. Be the chief fun officer

– Are your people having fun?
– Find all kinds of way to WIN! Small or large!
– A lot of small victories become a large one when you add them together
Feel free to watch his video HERE.