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Use the foundation as a vehicle to gift your passion through volunteerism and financial support!

We all have a passion we care deeply about! If you are unsure what that might be for you, start with the questions: “What breaks my heart?” “What do I see or hear and say, ‘Man, that is not right!’” “What do I enjoy?” Check out some of our partners here for more ideas!


2. Use the foundation as a way to learn more about your purpose, your gifting, and the world!

One of the questions we hear from people when they are honest about their life is, “Why am I here? What is my purpose?” Often times we learn more about out gifts and contributions to the world through exposure to problems that deeply hurt our hearts. Through the foundation we hope to creatively leverage gifts and talents of people to restore hope in the world!

3. Use the foundation to grow in leadership!

It is evident that our world is in desperate need of leaders. However, often we can believe the lie that we might never have the opportunity to grow skills in this area. With unique volunteer opportunities through the foundation, each employee can seek to grow in leadership abilities that can help the company, the individual, your family, and your community!

4. Use the foundation to meaningfully connect with team members from your company!

Research shows that one of our deepest longings in the workplace is to be connected and have vibrant relationships. The foundation can offer experiences to better understand and connect with your employees to help meaningful friendships to occur!

5. Use the foundation to help instill family values of caring for others and exploring the realities of our world!

The foundation hopes to not only benefit you, but also your families! We hope to creatively provide opportunities for your families to participate. In such a fast paced world, we know it can be hard to find time to create lasting memories and opportunities to bond with your partner and children.