Meet our Director Jamie Hampton

What were your roles before you became the director of More Than The Move?
Before starting at More Than The Move, I spent 3+ years at Gulf Winds International. I started as a Management Trainee and then worked in business development for the Dallas/Ft. Worth operation. However, I also received a few months of experience in operations, customer service, and inside sales.
What have been a few key leadership principles you have learned in your life so far?
– Cultivating a longing to learn and trying to remain constantly curious!
– That people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.
– To sincerely care about people and delight in their successes.
– Seek to constantly think through the question, “How can I, our team or our company create value?”
– Invite accountability, debate and other viewpoints into my leadership.
What excites you most about More Than The Move?
Many aspects of my role excite me. However, I believe it is developing a solution to strategically resource small to mid-sized companies with an executable Corporate Social Responsibility program. If this idea can come to fruition I truly believe it can radically change the cultures of small to mid-sized companies, provide needed resources to non-profits, and change our communities and world!
Tell us a little bit about your personal life:
I have a lovely wife, Meaghan, and a 17-month-old son, William. I have loved having the ability to be a husband and a father. One of my main passions is helping others see the beauty of marriage and parenting!