Is Your Company Connecting?

Meet Joe. He owns a local company that employees 43 people. He has a vision to empower his employees to make a difference in the world.
Joe cares so much about this that he even put this quarterly metric on his company’s KPIs. However, due to the whirlwind of Joe’s business, his managers and staff are never able to execute volunteer events that connect employees with one another, their community and world.
This is a story that is often true for many companies. They have the heart to connect their people into the community but struggle with the practical execution of a social responsibility program.
Here are 6 connections a Social Responsibility program can add:
1. Connects employees with their peers
2. Connects employees with managers and executives
3. Connects companies with the community
4. Connects everyone to purpose
5. Connects people with new skills
6. Connects people with real needs