Homeless Care Kits

Documented research continues to make the public aware of the realities of the work place. Employee engagement is low. Employees longing for purpose and connection is high. However, small to mid-sized employers might not have the luxury to allow employees to go off site to volunteer and give back. What could a solution be for my 10-person firm? Or for my 75-person small company?

The Economic Alliance (Houston Port Region) packing Homeless Care Kits during their monthly meeting.

One way to allow your people to engage in a worthy cause is through assembling homeless care kits. In Houston there are approximately over 4,100 people that are homeless on any given night. Many of us pass them on the way to work, out to eat, or our child’s after school activity. We have all been hurt by donating money to a homeless person only to learn it was used to aid addiction. Therefore, many of us resolve to stop helping the hurting among us.

However, what if there was another way? What if we could meet an immediate need and give them a reference that could aid in their long-term need? Most individuals might not feel qualified to offer the services the homeless need to help them lift out of their current position. However, what if with a little effort we did not have to pass by without offering any help?

Below is an example how a company can make a initiative to help play a small part in envisioning a Houston without homelessness. We have included examples of potential items to put into a bag for the homeless. There is no right or wrong when packing. (Maybe just give the current season some thought!)


Potential Items To Include In Your Homeless Care Kit

We recommend including a print out of The Way Home (linked above) which can really help a person in their long term need!


After the bags have been put together, many people struggle with the question, “What do we do with all these bags?” Below are a few options that can help your team ensure these bags get to those who need them:

  1. Set aside a small designated area at your company that keeps a supply of bags. This way each employee can grab 3-5 bags to keep in their car to distribute as needed!
  2. You could have a group of volunteers go to various parts of downtown to give these bags away and get to know people in the homeless community.
  3. You can look for organizations that actively engage the homeless and can use the bags. One such example would be Search Homeless. However, there are numerous organizations that could use the kits/bags you make!
Houston homeless kits
Sunburst Truck Lines with their completed Homeless Care Kits
It’s never too early to get little ones involved in serving others!