5 Ways To Engage Your Children With The Community

1. Entrepreneurship
Let your child unleash their creativity by starting a business for a day. Set up a lemonade stand, cookie stand, coffee stand, or anything they can come up with creatively! Afterwards, they can pick a charity to support with their profits!

2. Give away unused books
Have your child round up many of his or her books and donate them to help others grow. Here is a blog post with many options to choose from on top of local options in your neighborhood. 

3. Cook a meal
Are you a member of a church? Social network? Etc.? Have your child be on the lookout for someone going through a hard time and cook them a meal together with you.

4. Use artwork for Good
Call a local retirement home/fire station/ police station/ etc. and ask how many inhabitants/workers it has. Then let your child color each person a picture to brighten up their day. 

5. Volunteer
Does your child have a passion? Is there a cause they are interested in? Look online to find a non-profit to volunteer at and allow your child to give back in person